How to roll up your shirt sleeves correctly

It is essential that you know how to roll up your shirt sleeves correctly. Don’t wear short-sleeved shirts, go for a long-sleeved one and show a little forearm, it’s much sexier!

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Regardless of the season of the year in which we find ourselves, always choose long-sleeved shirts. If it is spring or summer, you will find long-sleeved shirts with a thinner fabric but always elegant and if it is autumn-winter you will not have any problem with long-sleeved shirts.

What’s more, I would tell you that I only see short-sleeved shirts when we talk about Hawaiian shirts, the rest is to poke your eyes out. Watch your style!

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The most obvious, sexiest and most stylish solution is to learn how to roll up your shirt sleeves correctly. It is much simpler and I assure you that the result is much more spectacular. Repeat after me “No to short-sleeved shirts”.

The importance of rolling up your shirt sleeves correctly

Rolling up the sleeves of a shirt, whether wearing it with a casual look or a dressy one, is not something to be done lightly if you want to be able to tell that you are wearing it correctly.

It is not enough to give two or three folds to the cuffs of the shirt and that’s it. There are questions that you have to ask yourself because they are fundamental. How tall should the shirt be? Should it be a fine and straight line or can it be thick and full of wrinkles?

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It is clear that many do not even stop to think when they roll up their sleeves, but if you learn how to do it, you will see how you always look stylish and without it costing you anything. We also have to say that it is not the same to fold the shirt that you wear with jeans or chinos, than that of a dress suit.

Let’s see how to do it in each case.

Roll up the shirt for an informal “look”

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If you are going to wear an informal, urban or casual look and you want your long shirt to be well rolled up, it is better that you do it without each fold being too marked, looking for a natural effect, as if the sleeve were a little looser.

If you wear a shirt with one or two buttons on the cuffs, make the first fold on the outside, never on the inside! So the length will be exactly the same as the cuff size.

Then you will have to make a second fold repeating the same procedure, that is, fold outwards, with a length similar to that of the first fold.

First of all, take a look at each of your shirts, many already have a third button included at the height of the forearm so that you can fasten the rolled up sleeve and prevent the folds from moving. A comfortable and practical detail so that your shirt remains intact.

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Roll up the shirt for a formal “look”

Guys, make no mistake, you can perfectly wear a formal look with a rolled-up shirt and not lose any style, rather mark it even more.

For a formal shirt it is better that the fold does not exceed the elbow, so the perfect height will be that it is on the forearm or below it. In this way you can carry it up and without it bothering you when moving or bending your arms.

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The step-by-step folding of the dress shirts is the same as the one indicated above, although it should be added that for the shirts that have double cuffs (such as those for ceremonies) we will need to make a third fold outwards, but of a length slightly less than that of the fist, making sure that we do not reach the elbow.

Video: how to roll up your long-sleeved shirt

We have selected a video that I think will be very useful for you to see, step by step, how you can roll up your shirt sleeves depending on the type of look you are going to wear and the fabric of the shirt you have chosen:

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