How to dress up as Logan for Halloween 2022

For this Halloween 2022 one of the most popular costumes will be that of Logan, also known as Wolverine. The Logan movie has been one of the most viewed and that is why you have surely thought of dressing up as the mutant Logan for this Halloween 2022. In the article you will not only see how to dress up as Logan, but also as other characters such as Professor Xavier and the girl X-23.

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For these costumes you can choose to buy them or to make them at home, in both ways you will be able to look just like your favorite characters for Halloween 2022.

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Logan Costume

If you are a lover or connoisseur of the adamantium mutant, you know that this character has always gone with various clothes and outfits from a simple leather jacket and jeans to his yellow suit. The yellow suit, the best known and typical in comics, you can find it very cheap on Amazon, saving you time creating it.

If this costume is too showy for you, you can always go for other options. In most cases, it will be enough for you to go to your closet and pick up a pair of jeans, a basic white T-shirt and a leather jacket or even a jacket. But for people to really know that you’re dressed as Logan you need two things, adamantium claws and sideburns.

The sideburns are simple, a wig can help you and it will also be easy to find, however the claws are somewhat more complicated. You can make them yourself, as we show you in the video at the end of the article, or go to Amazon and buy them for a fairly low price.

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Professor Xavier Costume

If you know Logan, you surely know Professor X, also named as Professor Charles Xavier. This mythical character is very important in this film and surely in this Halloween 2022 we see how many people dress up as Professor X.

To disguise yourself as this important character from the comics, you only need to shave your head or put on a fake bald head, if you think that shaving is excessive. In addition to that, we will need a wheelchair, which you can rent or ask someone you know.

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X-23 Costume

X-23 is a character most of you have met through the last Logan movie. X-23, also called Laura, is about a little girl who, despite her innocent appearance, can compete with the character of Wolverine. To dress up as X-23 the normal thing would be to be a small child, but we are not going to stop you from dressing up as your favorite characters.

To disguise yourself as Laura, you only have to have a wig to have long hair and make Logan’s claws, only in this case it will be two per hand and not three. In the following video they explain how to make your own adamantium claws.

It’s a perfect costume for toddlers and very easy to make.

Here we show you how to make adamantium claws for your Logan and X-23 costumes.

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