How to dress for Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving is approaching and although this is a typically American celebration, the truth is that we can say which is celebrated all over the world also in Spain. So if you’ve been invited to a Thanksgiving dinner and want to choose the right look, you’re in the right place. Find out now how to dress for Thanksgiving 2022.

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Thanksgiving Day or in fact, the celebration of this dinner that is so important in the United States is celebrated on the last Thursday of November, that is, this year it is celebrated on November 24. You still have time to find the perfect look for this celebration.

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Continue reading then, and be surprised by the looks and proposals that we are going to show you below.

Best looks for Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving is quite similar to our Christmas Eve, so in order to know what to wear you should give some thought to what you usually wear for December 24th. So, you can choose a suit if you want something very formal or it can also be a great option to choose something more casual.

Low cost fashion looks

Apart from the guidelines to follow to dress for Thanksgiving and that we are going to offer you throughout the article, you can also choose some of the best current looks within the new “low cost” fashion collections. Looks like these that we propose.

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Zara suit + t-shirt look.

Total black look with a sweater and dress pants from Zara.

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Navy blue shirt and jean look from Zara.

Zara green round neck sweater and jean look.

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Zip sweater look + t-shirt + dress pants by Mango.

Look turtleneck and dress pants by Mango.

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Striped sweater look and dress pants by Mango.

Look red waffle knit sweater + fine turtleneck sweater + pink dress pants from H&M.

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Formal suit look without tie by Dustin for sale at El Corte Inglés.

Suit look + turtleneck sweater + El Corte Inglés sneakers.

Choose informal outfits

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On the other hand, it will also be much better to choose outfits that are not so “arranged” and that allow you to look current, comfortable and at the same time appropriate.

It’s not complicated at all if you think, for example, of how you dress for Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner.

Surely this is how you can think of “looks” among which you can also choose trends that are very popular this Autumn Winter season.

The commitment to the turtleneck

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For example, the turtleneck sweater returns, and it is because for this autumn season it is one of the trends that we will see on the street.

We will find it in many varieties, with tighter or looser necks. Among its fabrics, knitwear is the reference, but it can be totally versatile so you can combine it however you want.

A garment that we recommend from ModaEllos, and especially, the turtleneck sweater with a gray suit, or even combined with jeans. And on top of that you can superimpose a shirt with a blazer or jacket.

How to combine the turtleneck sweater for Thanksgiving

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As we have told you before, you can combine the turtleneck with gray suit pants, or even with jeans.

Use a jacket to give it that elegant touch. Or a leather jacket for a slightly more “rough” look.

Throw on some tall boots or even ankle boots to keep it a bit casual for leather jackets and jeans, or classic black shoes for suit pants.

On the other hand, I have already said that formality is not prohibited on Thanksgiving and there will be those who prefer to wear a suit, something that you can do perfectly but if you also combine it with a turtleneck or turtleneck sweater, even better.

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Just as you see in one of the photos in the image above since this is perhaps one of the hottest trends this season.

Tips for dressing for Thanksgiving 2022

Follow these tips and you will surely hit the right outfit for Thanksgiving:

Bet on sweaters in neutral tones

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I have already mentioned turtleneck sweaters, but if you think that perhaps you are going to get a little hot (it is still a celebration in which you are going to eat and drink), you should bet on another type of sweater.

Today you can find many proposals for sweaters in Autumn fashion, including those that are fine knit, so there is nothing like a style as you see above.

Also, if you don’t know what color. The best option is the sweaters in neutral tones such as beige, grey, or navy blue or “navy”.

Combine this “look” with dark jeans and you will surely hit the mark. For footwear, ankle boots or perhaps sneakers will be a good option.

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For a formal “thanksgiving”, bet on the blazer

A Thanksgiving celebration does not have to be done in a suit, so a blazer, with gray or black pants and loafers, will be a successful “look”.

Bet on earth tones

I’ve already mentioned neutral tones, but earth tones are also a good option. In this way, you can opt for colors like browns, toasts, warm grays, and greens.

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These colors that I have mentioned are perfect for Thanksgiving, both for sweaters or shirts and for pants.

Leave the skinny jeans at home

If you are one of those people who have signed up, yes or yes, to the trend of “skinny” or very tight jeans, this may not be the best time to wear them.

Let’s think that any tight garment is going to bother us if we eat too much, so take advantage and set the style with chino pants or a suit, for example.

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Imitates the “weekend” style

Many men hit the mark when they dress up for the weekend, so why not follow the same pattern for Thanksgiving?

A nice shirt, good pants, suitable shoes and you’ll be perfect, if you also add a good hairstyle, and of course, a well-groomed beard (if you have a beard).

How to dress for thanksgiving 2022 | Other options

The “slim fit” blazers

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Besides the turtleneck, we can find other excellent proposals that will surely convince you for this Thanksgiving, and even for next Christmas.

For example, you can choose to dress in a “slim fit” or fitted blazer since these also seem to be a trend these months.

The choice of combining it with a shirt and suit pants is yours, but the truth is that “looks” like the one you see above are quite suitable for a celebration like Thanksgiving, although you can also wear the blazer or jacket with jeans.

A good knit sweater with jeans

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You can also choose to wear a good knit sweater but I am not referring to the turtleneck we mentioned above.

If you combine a knitted sweater with chinos, for example, or jeans, as you see in the photo, you’ll be great for Thanksgiving and in fact for any celebration this season.

The bet for the bomber jacket

And a jacket? Why not if they are currently sweeping. Think that Thanksgiving is celebrated in November and although it is already starting to get cold, you may not feel like using the coat and rather a bomber-style jacket like the one you see above.

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Currently they wear a lot and we can check with the image that we leave you, how well it looks in combination with a shirt and dress pants that you can also replace with chino pants or one in a Texan style.

The plaid shirt with which you always succeed

Another option to wear on Thanksgiving, will be to choose a garment like the “traditional” checkered shirt in red and black.

A style of shirt that has been worn for years for celebrations like this, and seems to be coming back with a bang.

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The best thing about this type of shirt, which never goes out of style, is that you can combine it both with good skinny jeans and chino pants, for example.

If you want to know where to find these ideas that we have proposed, you have them all at H&M.

Thanksgiving Origin

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional celebration in the United States and Canada. In the American country it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, however, originally it was held on the last Thursday.

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When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada

In Canada, for its part, it is celebrated on the second Monday of October. This festival, religious in origin, is used to gather family and friends around a table sharing a great banquet. Its origin is religious, however it is considered a secular holiday.

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