How to choose the ideal dress shirt

Choosing a dress shirt can be one of the things that can be most complicated for us. How many times have we gone to the store and taken more than 2 hours to decide for this one or for that one. It is not an easy task, no. But here I am going to share the best tips with you, so that the task of choosing a dress shirt becomes easier. Do you want the perfect shirt? Stay with us.

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How to choose the ideal dress shirt

There are certain aspects that you must take into account when choosing the ideal shirt, whether to go with jeans or a suit. Let’s see what are the criteria that you should take into account when selecting your shirt for each occasion.

The color

Identify the reason for the purchase of the shirt. Is it to work, or to see you more fashion? If you are going to a job interview, it is always in style to use traditional colors, such as white, light blue, and even gray. If what you want is to use a shirt as something more fashionable, choose more played colors – and that you like, of course – such as pink, some shade of orange, or some shade of green.

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Remember that black is a color that always looks good, it is elegant and easy to combine, so you must have some black shirts in the closet for sure.

The reason

Choose simple shirts or with some reason. The advantage of plain shirts is that you can combine them with almost everything you have. Lined shirts, on the other hand, are more difficult to combine, especially with ties.

Remember that shirts that have motifs or patterns will always be more difficult to combine, so you must make sure that you will have the ideal accessory for them.

The style

Do you want a tailored shirt, tighter to the body or looser? Will you wear the neck buttoned with a tie, or not? Slim shirts are usually tighter on the chest.

The traditional ones are looser, while the athletic ones are the tightest of all (intended for people with a good physique).

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The neck

There are two types of neck, traditional and open. In the traditional ones the points of the collar are closer together, closer to the collar buttons. In open necks, the tips are further apart. Some consider wide necks youthful.

The tie

Dress shirts will always be accompanied by ties. Choose one that matches, the one you like the most. If the shirt is plain, you can play a little more with the design of the tie. If the shirt has lines, you might want to choose a plain tie.

We hope these tips will be of great help to you when buying your shirts. You will see that if you know how to choose them, going fashionable and stylish will be much easier.

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