How can I be tanned fast without sunbathing: tricks, tips and the best self-tanners

Summer is coming and, as always, we want to be tanned before sunbathing. Luckily, what seemed impossible before is now a reality. In fact, on some occasions, it presents benefits over the star king. Today we tell you how I can be tanned fast without sunbathing: tricks, tips and the best self-tanners

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How can I be tan fast without sunbathing

It is the question that many of us ask ourselves months before summer arrives: how can I be tanned quickly without sunbathing. An obvious question because many people don’t take vacations until August, they can’t sunbathe because their skin becomes irritated, they can’t stand the heat… The problems caused by getting a tan naturally are many and varied.

However, today, being tanned quickly without sunbathing is a reality within everyone’s reach. In fact, it is common to see many brown men and women throughout the year. And we are not talking about orange and forced browns, but natural and the most attractive. So that you can be one of them, we tell you how I can get a tan quickly without sunbathing

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Tricks to be tanned without sunbathing

The first thing is to know some tricks to be tanned without sunbathing. Obviously, in February there are few sun options, so we must find the tricks to wear a tan color. These are some tricks to stay tanned without sunbathing:

Tanning wipes

The evolution of tanning wipes has been tremendous. From their leaden tone and that recognizable smell, they have gone on to natural tones and a pleasant aroma, in addition to continuing to be one of the fastest options to be tanned without sunbathing.

Of course, the specialization of tanning wipes requires following a protocol for it to act 100% of its options. In this case, the first thing is to exfoliate the skin to remove impurities and for the bronzer to penetrate the skin well, doing it progressively and properly. Of course, before applying it, make sure your skin is well hydrated, so that it does not dry out with the product.

As a final trick, leave the face as the last area to tan with the wipe, to avoid striking spots

Tanning booths

A classic among the classics that has also improved its effectiveness, speed and, above all, the tanning tone. Converted into an essential for quick tanning during quarantine, tanning booths offer effective and homogeneous results with their ultraviolet light lamps.

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Also, with competition from tanning cosmetics, tanning booths have controlled their prices, making them much more affordable for everyone. In fact, there are those who do not stop going to tanning booths throughout the year and come to summer with a tremendous tan color.

Tanning creams

Tanning creams are a mixture of tanning wipe and moisturizing cream, the effect of which is immediate. Enriched with colored particles, when mixed with moisturizing cream, they stick much better to the skin and have a longer lasting effect. By the way, they leave the skin soft and without drying, something that does happen with some wipes.

The specialization of tanning creams has led them to last for many hours, to be removed by applying warm water and, most importantly for many people, they do not leave stains on clothes, one of the big problems with the first artificial tans .

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Another alternative is daily moisturizers that contain color activators. These creams activate the melanin gradually and maintain the brown tone for much longer.

Brightening Oils

Brightening oils also help to tan quickly without sunbathing. In this case, they add a darker tone to the skin, which is why they are complemented with the aforementioned tanning creams. These illuminating oils contain light-reflecting particles that make skin glow, revealing a more striking complexion.

This product helps to give uniformity to the tan and hide any possible wrinkles or marks that we have. However, it is not necessary to apply it all over the body, but rather in the area that we want to highlight. Widely used for arms, face or legs.

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Bronzing powders

Why not make up with bronzing powder? The current products are natural and highly recommended, as they hydrate and regenerate the skin, in addition to giving it a very interesting brown touch.

Tips to be tanned without sunbathing

We already know some tricks, it’s time to see some tips to be tanned without sunbathing:

  • Black tea – Black tea is a method to be tanned without sunbathing that you can apply in two ways. On the one hand, drinking a cup of black tea a day, which helps maintain skin tone. On the other hand, applying the black tea all over the body, spreading it well so that you don’t have any marks.
  • Natural juices – Once you have a toasted skin color, one of the ways to maintain it is by drinking natural juices that enhance that color. Pineapple, carrot, pumpkin or apricots are the most recommended.
  • Sugar cane – One of the latest discoveries has been that of sugar cane and its tanning effect. Not only does it help you tan quickly and evenly, but you can choose the shade of tan you want. The problem is that the effects only last a few days and, at the moment, the sessions are somewhat expensive, but it is a tremendous method.

The best self-tanners

Finally, we recommend the best self-tanners to get tanned quickly.

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St. Moriz Tanning Mousse

Elegant, suitable for all skin types and with a uniform result without any mark in a few minutes. In addition, it contains olive oil and vitamin E, its smell is pleasant and the tanning effect lasts up to three days.

The St. Moriz Tanning Mousse self-tanner is priced at 9 euros

Clarins Lait Fondant Auto-Bronzant

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According to many users, the best self-tanner on the market. It will make you tan, while hydrating you. With a melting texture, the result is satin-smooth skin in no time.

Clarins Lait Fondant Auto-Bronzant self-tanner is priced at 14 euros

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam

Enriched with aloe vera and the scent of coconut, it has a foaming texture and leaves skin with a surprising natural tone for almost three days. In addition, it adds extra shine to the tan.

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The price of Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam is 21 euros

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