Haircuts For Men From The 90s

Men’s haircuts and hairstyles continue to change with time and season but what It is true that it seems that there is currently a certain trend for cuts that are retro in style with a return to the best days of the nineties. Let us now know the best Haircuts For Men Of The 90s.

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Among the haircuts for men 2022, the most “grunge” or the most casual style is very popular, and even with highlights that many celebrities wore in the 90s. If you want to look like that time, there is nothing like choosing these cuts that now we show you.

E-boy cut


Also nicknamed “Young Leo” because it was worn so much by Leonardo DiCaprio, this haircut was a hit among young people and celebrities in the 90s.

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Brad Pitt and David Beckham also wore it although no one wore it better than DiCaprio in Titanic.

But why this famous? Apart from the cool aura that this hairstyle gives men, it could be worn by both long-haired and short-haired men, making it a good hairstyle choice for many.

The e-boy cut was characterized by being parted in the middle, with the sides longer than the front to leave bangs that seemed to constantly move and to each side. A cut that will take this 2022 by storm if we take into account that the current “E-Boy” style is also influenced by K-Pop, hip hop and skater cultures.

Caesar Court


Men with short hair bet a lot on the Caesar-style haircut that is back in trend. Marked by that short and almost glued bangs, this is a cut that made George Clooney especially fashionable.

Joey Cut


Among the popular hairstyles in the 90s was also the side parted haircut, which looked very sophisticated. Popular star Matt Le Blanc made it fashionable while starring in “Friends”, so the cut ended up being named after his character, Joey.

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The main idea is to put some gel on the hair and make it look wet, the top of the hair should be parted with a side line for a neat look.

Afro Cut


This sounds like the 1960s, but surprisingly this hairstyle made a huge comeback in the 1990s. With the likes of Kobe Bryant representing the most natural cut for curly hair, the 1960s afro is back to stay.

This hairstyle greatly appealed to men with long hair and curly hair texture. Conventionally, the hair could extend from the scalp and give it a round shape like a ball.

Tip cut


Another cut from the 90s was called Frosted tips. A late 1990s hairstyle characterized by short hair with spikes at the end, set with gels and hairsprays. In addition, the hair used to be blonde or also with highlights.

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This hairstyle was a hit because it simply blended with your skin tone and hair, giving it a multi-dimensional look.

Toupee cut


The teenagers of the 90s liked being able to also have slightly longer hair and recreating the style of the 50s and 60s. A rebellious style that was imposed at that time was the slick back cut, a cut that did not stop be a toupee although less high than in the aforementioned decades. Jason Priestley and Luke Perry, two of the teen idols of the time and stars of Sensation of Living, were responsible for making this cut fashionable.

Bowl Cut


It would have been weird for this hairstyle to be left out, especially if you’re reading this and spent much of your childhood in the ’90s. Why so much of your childhood? Well, this haircut was common among boys.

The hair would be cut around the head at the same length to the top, just above the ears.

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Mullet Cut


A round of applause should go to the Beastie Boys for introducing this trend. After his song “Mullet Head” in 1994, the mullet hairstyle emerged. This hairstyle is characterized by having hair that is shorter in the front and longer in the back.

Medium and wavy cut


If you remember Dawson from Dawson Creek, you’ve definitely seen this hairstyle somewhere (definitely on Dawson). This 90s hairstyle was very popular as it had a natural curl that was not controlled or too tight, thus giving a glamorous look to anyone who wore it.

Glued cut


Men who couldn’t keep their hair in order, opted in the 90s to wear it gelled. It was a style for men with short, fine hair that also tended to be combed back. One of those who wore this style the most was undoubtedly Johnny Depp in his early days as an actor who even used to wear it a little longer than normal for a style that ended up being iconic for him.

Striped cut on the sides


The cut with a drawing of lines is now a trend, but the truth is that it was born in the 90s. A cut that consisted of making a line or line on the head, and that combined with many haircuts, as long as the side hair was cropped almost to the skull.

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Grunge Cut


Long hair was also in fashion in the 90s, although perhaps not as long as in the 60s and 70s. In this decade, a cut was imposed in which men used to wear medium length hair parted in the middle or to the side . Kurt Cobain is the greatest exponent of this style.

Flat Top Cut


Anyone who had curly hair in the 90’s would definitely want to want to wear a cut with flat sides and a raised, flattened top.

Basically, this hairstyle was done at the barbershop by cutting the sides of the hair and lengthening the hair on top of the head. Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a very apt example when talking about this type of cut.

Cut with Braids


Spread in popularity by hip hop culture, this hairstyle was a favorite among many young people, especially African-Americans. It was a signature hairstyle among many hip hop artists and basketball players.

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Mohawk cut


This is one of the oldest maintained hairstyles. Having debuted in the 70s, this haircut involves a complete shave of the side hair while keeping the middle hair long. A cut that is popular again, although it may still be too radical.

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