Guns for muscle massage: what they are and how they work

If you have ever had a massage, especially at the hands of a professional in matter, you possibly know many of the benefits and advantages it offers. Even more so, if you are also an athlete or a sportsman, and you constantly need to treat your pain, contractures and discomfort (or even a normal person who struggles every day to eliminate neck and back discomfort as a result of work). , you know that with a few elbows in the back, and some other pressure on the pain points, suddenly the discomfort decreases enormously and, in short, you are less stressed and tense. However, it is true that in recent years what are known as massage guns have become tremendously popular, in such a way that they have a wide variety of users, from professional trainers to massage therapists and chiropractors, including even ordinary people. But what are so-called muscle massage guns really, and how do they work? And, even more, what are the best massage guns that we can buy to use at home easily? Let’s go in parts.

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What are massage guns? What are muscle massage guns?

After practicing physical exercise, or even after a hard day at work sitting in front of a table (and, particularly, in front of a computer screen), there is no doubt that there is always a probability of feeling some pain. Hence, it is essential to take care of ourselves and, above all, go to a professional masseur from time to time.

Until now, from a more personal or even home point of view, those known as foam rollers (or wooden rollers) were a useful option for reducing and suppressing muscle pain.

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However, it is true that in recent years what are known as massage guns have become tremendously popular. In fact, as most experts believe in this regard, massage can actually come from two ways: using the hand, or using a machine. And although both are effective, it seems that those massages carried out with machines tend to be, in general, more effective.

In the case of muscle massage guns, they consist of precisely that: a “gun” designed to improve blood flow and help relax muscle tension. They can even help restore and improve muscle functionality.

In this sense, most athletes usually use it in order to relax their muscles. On the other hand, people who are constantly stressed, or who often have muscle pain for work reasons, can also be useful.

How does a massage gun work?

The massage gun uses what is known as “gate theory”, which means that it uses non-painful stimuli to close the “doors” to the stimulus that is, preventing the painful sensation from traveling to the system central nervous system, being able to suppress pain.

That is, they send the correct frequency of nerve impulses that makes the pain disappear, tricking the system into acting more quickly in the presence of pain. Therefore, when using a muscle gun there is adequate stimulation and responsiveness of the nervous system, especially during the sensation of pain.

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The best guns for muscle massage

XHLLX Muscle Massage Gun

The XHLLX muscle massage gun is a portable percussion massager, capable of producing up to 3000 strokes per minute in order to provide a much deeper muscle treatment, thus becoming one of the most interesting professional massagers on the market.

It allows you to adjust the frequencies depending on the purpose, whether it is to relieve pain, soothe injured muscles, muscle pain, activate them or simply warm up. Therefore, it can help reduce muscle recovery time, or simply relieve pain much faster.

Incorporates 4 massage heads, with different shapes, ideal to help relax different parts of the body: head for small muscle groups, for large muscle groups, for the neck and spine, and another for any part of the body.

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ABOX Muscle Massage Gun

We are facing another muscle massage gun, this time developed by ABOX, which basically consists of an improved percussion massage therapy, which incorporates a useful LED screen and a powerful motor, with the possibility of choosing different speed levels , to accurately relieve all parts of the muscle.

It also has a new smart chip that ensures that each percussion is not only comfortable, but precise, to which is added the presence of the radiator heat application, ideal to be used for a long time, but without causing any problem.

In addition, it comes with an ergonomic handle that only weighs 1 kg, so it helps to minimize external vibration, and prevents it from slipping easily after a while of use.

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Kylewo massage gun – The most economical

If you want to try a muscle massage gun, which is simple and easy to use, but does not cost a lot of money, the Kylewo massage gun may be of great interest to you, especially for its low price.

It is equipped with 6 different types of massage heads, ideal for precisely massaging each part of the body, with a high-quality motor and heat dissipation function.

It incorporates an LCD screen and a high-quality lithium battery with 2500 mAh, which can last between 6 to 8 hours, and also charges quickly.

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