Footballers who set trends

It is already known that football is the king of sports, and as such, footballers are an example to follow for many people. And when it comes to fashion much more. Soccer players take great care of their image and are always up to date, wearing the best models from different designers.

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In Spanish football there are several players who especially like the world of fashion and do not hesitate to admit it. One of them is Guti, who in each interview takes maximum care of his wardrobe to appear impeccable in the photos. He also regularly attends all kinds of parties from different firms with his wife Arantxa de Benito.

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Another footballer who has even posed as a model is Sergio Ramos. The player, who is dating Pilar Rubio, has a great passion for the world of fashion and many men look to him when choosing an outfit.

Villa has also acknowledged on several occasions that he loves fashion and that is why he can be seen daily with a very fashionable and carefully chosen wardrobe. Other players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Fernando Torres have also participated in advertising campaigns for brands like Pepe Jeans. And what to say that the media idol Beckham is no longer known…

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