Fashion gifts for Father’s Day 2022

March 19 is the day on which Father’s Day is celebrated, so that at Modaellos we want to propose you some fashionable gifts with which to surprise your father on his special day and that he will undoubtedly love. Gifts that set trends this year, so don’t miss out on any of the proposals that we now suggest about the fashionable Gifts for Father’s Day 2022.

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Giving something that is fashionable for Father’s Day can be a real headache for many of us, especially when it is the case that our father has practically everything. Despite this, as trends are changing, we want to offer you a small selection of ideas that are perfect for your father to look trendy this year and also serve to make him look like the great sons that we all are. Shall we get to it?

Father’s Day Fashion Gifts: Clothes

The blazers are in fashion since it is one of the essential garments to be able to spend a winter to the last. It doesn’t matter if your father is 40, 50 or 70 years old, if you give him a good blazer he can combine it both with jeans and with the dress pants that he likes to wear on Sundays and in addition to models like the one above, in black. , you can also buy them with prints like the checkered one.

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In Zara you have them in different models and even very different fabrics so that you can easily combine them depending on the accessories you use and the fabric that you like the most.

Another of the proposals that we want to propose is a shirt, something that may seem like a recurring gift to you, but the truth is that they are cheap and all parents like them. If you are also looking for one that sets the trend, we suggest you bet on the shirt with elbow patches, like the model you see above from the new Sfera collection, which we can also find in various fashionable colors, such as blue or white and at a reasonable price. from 19.99 euros.

Fashion gifts for Father’s Day: Bags

Travel bags are imposed this year for men. No more carrying crossbody bags with everything you need for a getaway, or suitcases to drag through the terminals, now fashion moves from bags like the one you see above by Massimo Dutti, made of leather and with an identifying label already that when buying it they offer us to be able to engrave the initials that we want.

Honestly, it is something that will never go out of style because it denotes style, elegance and personality. This style of travel bags will always attract attention, they are great, comfortable and most importantly practical.

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This other bag that you can choose for Father’s Day is also from Massimo Dutti and is also one of the most popular today. We refer, of course, to the backpack, which in fact is also a type of bag that is essential to carry everything. Undoubtedly the most versatile bag of all, which also with models like the one you see above, in black, can be worn with all kinds of “looks” so that your father will surely love it and want to carry it in all times.

Fashion gifts for Father’s Day: Sunglasses

Giving a pair of sunglasses never hurts, so we can take a look at some of the models that H.E. by Mango has just launched. With all the models they have, it may be a bit difficult for you to choose one quickly, but keep your father’s face in mind to find those that can best fit the shape of his face and his style, and the best thing is that you can find them online. quite cheap prices that do not usually exceed 50 euros.

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On the other hand, and looking at models of glasses from specialized brands, we have to talk about the Oakley Holbrook, which with 4 times greater protection helps prevent exposure to UVA, UVB and UVC rays, as well as blue light harmful. With a rectangular shape, it is especially ideal for those parents who have a round face.

In addition to the traditional black lens, this model can be purchased in different colors such as blue or green mirror style. And despite the sporty inspiration, it works for all sorts of casual summer looks.

How can it be otherwise, also among the fashion gifts for Father’s Day and specifically, with regard to sunglasses, we want to talk about the Ray Ban RB4272L Wayfarer, which is one of the classics of Ray Ban that has never gone out of style. It is a great option among sunglasses for men. Slightly rectangular, it works for those with an oval, round, or triangular face.

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After passing through generations, the model is now offered with a gradient lens, contemporary power, and plenty of ruggedness for the look.

Fashion gifts for Father’s Day: Watches

Giving a watch is also a good fashion option with which to surprise on Father’s Day. Tommy Hilfiger sells trendy models, such as the watch with a metallic dial and rubber strap. A perfect finish for a very current look for the father with the most style.

And if you want us to recommend a specific model, there is nothing like betting on the Seiko SKX007K watch, which has many features that have made it, without a doubt, what, in our opinion, is classified as the best automatic watch with value for money and also a model that sets trends, to the point that many other brands launch similar models.

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The use of stainless steel for the case, bezel and strap gives this watch excellent strength and durability. A watch that also stands out for its automatic closing, ideal if your father usually takes off and puts on his watch constantly, for the speed and simplicity with which he can do it from now on and also gives him the confidence that he will never wear it. it will loosen or fall off. In this sense, the presence of a Hardlex glass also stands out, which is very robust and perfect in case of bumps or scratches.

This excellent watch is water resistant and has a maximum pressure of 3 bar. In addition, you will not only have the opportunity to observe the time in the best way, but also to read the day and date, perhaps when you are attentive or on the phone.

Fashion gifts for Father’s Day: Accessories

But we can’t stop thinking about giving away some accessories, from belts to wallets, but without stopping thinking about backpacks or underpants, for example.

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The first one will be a travel bag. Depending on where we travel, we will need one or another type of luggage. If you want to travel comfortably, with your hands free and take all your essentials with you, we recommend a travel bag. We have travel bags with and without wheels, the latter is ideal for weekend trips or going to the gym and can also be used as hand luggage. Travel bags with wheels are recommended for trips to several destinations, we do not have much space to store all the luggage. It is worth mentioning that the spacious interior and many pockets allow you to carry all your belongings in an organized and convenient way.

Underpants are a whole world of possibilities. While searching for lingerie can be fun to stand out on this day, we’ve found the most fun parenting underwear you’ll love. In the photos below you can see some colorful vintage-style briefs and shorts that, like pajamas, emphasize the contrast of styles in the way people wear them, even when it comes to underwear. Based on our recommendations, we asked each person to decide what style would work best for their dad.

Fashion gifts for Father’s Day: Shoes

If you are thinking in the long term and you want to give him some shoes for spring-summer, some loafers similar to these may turn out to be the ideal gift because they are perfect for all types of men, they can be worn with jeans or combined with stylish pants. Chinese.

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On the other hand, and since we are focusing on gifts that are in fashion, there is nothing like also choosing a chelsea-type shoe, which although they have been a trend for years, are renewed for 2022 with models like the one we show you above, Mango and suede effect.

Also in split leather and from Mango we want to propose these sneakers or sports shoes, which can be perfect for modern parents who also want comfortable and versatile footwear for all kinds of “looks” for day to day.

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Fashion gifts for Father’s Day: Ties

Ties are essential accessories for many men, although not for all, if your father is one of those, he will surely appreciate one like this one from Emidio Tucci! The amoeba-based print is the most current, it is worn a lot in all kinds of women’s clothing, and of course, for men’s accessories, both in ties, such as bow ties and handkerchiefs for the jacket pocket.

The best thing about this tie is its fabric, in a soft and good quality silk, although we also surrender to the color combination, ideal for these 2016 trends. It is a very easy tie to combine, since it Today, blue is more fashionable than ever, as is the sand color with which this tie proposal works perfectly.

Also, it could be the ideal gift for this Father’s Day, if you have thought about going out to celebrate. She will surely take advantage of the occasion to wear it and show it off, since a design like this will serve us both for special days and for those work commitments in which we need a little more etiquette.

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If it had never occurred to you to give him a tie, one with such a current design will surprise him, although you must also take into account your father’s tastes, and if you see that he is not very modern and that you want him to start to be, You will only have to present it to them along with the shirt and pants with which they would combine. And voilà, you’ve already visualized the perfect look and love it.

Another of the models that we want to propose as a fashionable tie for Father’s Day is the tie that we show you below, from Massimo Dutti. A tie that has a small micro-pattern, which is the type of pattern that is currently setting the trend for this type of accessory. In addition, it is made of silk, and it comes in a beautiful maroon color, but if you want you can also buy it in black.

Fashion gifts for Father’s Day: Hats

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Another of the 2022 fashion accessories are hats. A few years ago, hats began to take their first steps in the world of menswear, since the protagonist of The White Glove Robber, Matt Bomer, showed off style and class while exuding enviable agility when placing his hat in a twist. seductive.

And yes, from his character as Neal Caffrey, hats burst into fashion as slim suits and a more formal and unpolluted style. So if you think your dad is the classiest man you know, he can’t be without his perfect hat!

We can propose you, for example, the Hats from the Albero firm where you will find a large number of hats, and although berets and wool caps are also beginning to be worn, they are on the rise (they are also a good option if your father’s style is is more bohemian, retro or “hip”), hats with a medium brim and a low crown are the most acclaimed option these days.

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Or we can also recommend the Beechfield signature borsalinos, a hat model that became famous in the movies with Humphrey Bogart and has become the symbol of the charming and charismatic man, who is also now making a comeback, to become a trend.

You can choose between the white version with black band or total black, so your father can use it everywhere. The rather low cost is given by the materials used, namely polyester and cotton, which amortize the expense.

The sizes available are various and vary from S to XL: and the signature also has indications of the circumference, to help us find the correct size. Again, although it is an item for older men, it is also a hat that younger fathers can get a lot of use out of.

Of course, you must take into account that it is a somewhat “delicate” hat, since it is a product that cannot be washed, since it risks compromising its rigidity.

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A classic model, loved by those who want to be elegant on any occasion.

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Photogallery of fashion gifts for Father’s Day

I leave you a gallery of images of gifts for fathers of all types and ages, so that if you have not yet decided on the perfect gift for Father’s Day, you have a wide variety of ideas, you will surely find the right one! yours!

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