Ecological footwear: Dream in green

Month by month we try to show you the latest footwear news and on this occasion, we want to share with you the models of a shoe brand that not all men know, That’s why at we talk about Dream in Green.

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If men and women are similar in some way when it comes to fashion, it is that most of us always stay with our favorite brands and hardly change or let ourselves fall in love with another type of footwear.

The easiest way to keep abreast of the latest fashion brands in terms of footwear is to browse online shoe stores that can be found on the web such as Spartoo. Most of them have international brands that allow you to create your own style, be yourself and combine the accessories with the way you dress in the best way.

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In this case, Dream in Green is one of the brands that maintains environmentally responsible production and consumption management. That is why they use ecological, natural and recyclable materials for their production, you can even find that the packaging is made of recycled material.

What do you think of the designs and what other eco brands do you know?

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