Did Duck Dynasty Have Beards Before The Show


Duck Dynasty was a popular American reality television series that ran from 2012 to 2017. The show focused on the lives of the Robertson family, who made a fortune in the duck call business. One of the most recognizable aspects of the show was the beards worn by the male members of the family. But did Duck Dynasty have beards before the show?

Did the Robertson Family Have Beards Before the Show?

Yes, the Robertson family had beards before the show. In fact, they had been sporting their signature beards since the 1970s. The patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson, had grown his beard since he was a teenager. His sons, Willie, Jase, and Jep, followed suit and grew their own beards in their late teens and early twenties.

Why Did the Robertson Family Grow Beards?

The Robertson family grew beards for a variety of reasons. Primarily, they wanted to look more rugged and masculine. Growing beards also allowed them to stand out from their peers and express their individuality. Additionally, they wanted to honor their family heritage and the traditions of duck hunting.

The Impact of Duck Dynasty on Beards

The success of Duck Dynasty had a huge impact on the popularity of beards. After the show aired, more and more men began to grow beards in an effort to emulate the Robertson family. The beards worn by the Robertson family were also seen as a sign of masculinity and strength, and this inspired many men to grow their own beards.

7 Tips for Growing a Beard

Growing a beard can be a tricky process, but there are some tips that can help make it easier. Here are 7 tips to help you grow a beard:

• Start with a clean shave. Before you start growing a beard, make sure to shave your face with a quality razor. This will give you a clean canvas to work with.

• Trim your beard regularly. Trimming your beard regularly will help keep it looking neat and tidy.

• Use the right products. Invest in quality beard care products, such as beard oil and beard balm.

• Eat a balanced diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will help keep your hair and skin healthy.

• Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated and your beard looking soft and healthy.

• Exercise regularly. Exercise helps to boost circulation, which can help stimulate beard growth.

• Be patient. Growing a beard takes time, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away.


So, did Duck Dynasty have beards before the show? Yes, the Robertson family had been sporting their signature beards since the 1970s. Growing a beard can be a tricky process, but with the right tips, you can achieve the perfect beard.

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