Celio Men’s Clothing Catalog Spring Summer 2022

There are few stores in the market that have a catalog as extensive as Celio stores. In them, we will be able to find from garments for the upper part of our body to all kinds of accessories. Below, the entire catalog of Celio clothing for men in winter 2022.

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Celio Men’s Clothing Catalog Spring Summer 2022: garments for torso

Sweatshirts are a classic that cannot be missing in any wardrobe, like this white sweatshirt with Pokemon drawings.

There are many coats of all kinds in Celio, like this elegant coat to wear when we have an important meeting or for a dinner with the family.

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If what you are looking for is a coat, but something more comfortable and simple to wear daily, we bring you this down parka that you can find in several colors.

Okay, you’re still thinking about that Pokemon hoodie, don’t worry. Here we show you a One Piece sweatshirt, one of the best anime ever.

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And if you like these animes, we’re sure this cream-colored Attack on Titan sweatshirt is perfect for you.

Celio Men’s Clothing Catalog Spring Summer 2022: pants

Men are wearing more and more different pants and this in Celio, they know it. That’s why we can show you this light skinny.

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Jogger pants are one of the garments that have grown the most in recent years, because they are more comfortable than traditional jeans.

If you liked the color of the pants, but you think it is something modern for your style, you can opt for a classic jean in that color.

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And you will also be able to find chinos of various colors to be able to combine them perfectly.

Celio Men’s Clothing Catalog Spring Summer 2022: accessories

Accessories are also important for men, and even more so in winter, where we may need a hat to warm our heads, like this one.

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Underpants never fail, the good thing about this brand is that you can find designs as cool and exclusive as this one from the Simpsons.

There are other accessories that help us complete the look, like this belt that in addition to giving our outfit a different look and that helps us keep our pants from falling down.

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And it never hurts to have a tie, whether you have to wear it on a daily basis at work or for special events such as weddings or communions.

And a toiletry bag or bag can be great to carry your mobile phone or wallet, as well as your keys.

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Celio Men’s Clothing Catalog Spring Summer 2022: footwear

Boots are one of the best footwear for the cold winter, like these black boots.

These Chelsea boots are perfect for showing off an elegant look, but young at the same time.

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And if you are looking for something similar, but more comfortable to be able to walk more with them, you have these shoes.

And if you are looking for some sneakers, you have several models like these black ones to wear daily.

Although the most important moment of the day is when we rest at home, nothing better than a pair of slippers to be comfortable.

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